Red Wing 6 inch Moc Boots


Meteorologically speaking Winter officially starts today as does the first appearance of those creepy looking Elves appearing on your shelves alongside the sound of advent calendars being frantically prized open by excitable little mits. It’s a wonderful time isn’t it? Where we can layer up, experiment with new colours of cords, don crew neck jumpers without sweating too much, buy massive technical coats and perhaps (if we’ve been good all year) indulge in a big pair of leather boots from America. I’m talking of course about Red Wings whose 6 inch Moc triple-stiched boots should be an essential item in everyone’s wardrobe, or wherever it is you stash all your shoes these days.

Grants 1856 have three variants of the aforementioned classics currently in store with a sizeable amount¬†knocked off each of them too. So if I were you I’d stop moc-ing about and get myself a pair before everyone else does and there’s none left and you’ll just be left there with freezing ankles, slipping and sliding all over the show.

Get some serious traction action on your feet here.








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