Red Wing Heritage ‘The Huntsman’

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Nowadays known as no. 877 in Red Wing impressive collection their faithful ‘Bird Shooter’s Boot’ was originally known as the 668 and with it’s innovative rubber gro-cord sole material was one of the company’s first ever hunting boots when it was first released back in 1936.

To celebrate 110 years in the boot-making business Red Wing Heritage have re-imagined the 668 with the introduction of ‘the Huntsman’ 8-inch lace up boot made from Black Klondike leather with gun metal eyelets, rawhide leather laces and the signature gro-cord sole material. Gro-cord was made to with the intention of binge as silent as possible, therefore making them ideal footwear for sneaking up on all manner of wild-fowl as well as avoiding waking up any soundly sleeping wives whilst returning home  from a shoot somewhat worse for wear on Hunter’s moonshine during the wee small hours..






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