Reebok Beatnik Sandals at Wellgosh

It may be a bit damp out there today (well, it is where we are) but we’re all hastily assembling our best summer garms as we prepare for the warmest fortnight of the year. Most forecasts will tell you this, whether they’re right or not remains to be seen.

If you want to up your sandal game even further than you already have, then look no further than these Reebok Beatnik creations. Shuffling into view looking like something a Ninja Turtle would wear to top up his tan, this release comes hot on the heels of collaborations with Needles, Story MFG and Pleasures. Good company to be in, basically.

They’re a strong look and one which will attract just the right balance of approval and ridicule to know you’re onto something.

Get them at Wellgosh now.

See Reebok Beatnik sandals at Wellgosh now.

Mark Smith

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