Reebok Classics x Oi Polloi – NPC UK II

It’s summer, you might have noticed. As such, it’s time to break out all that white footwear you’ve been stockpiling. Ok, so a lot of them look like something you’ve already got but their subtle differences are what make them. Ask Paulie ‘Walnuts’ Gaultieri. He knows. Paulie knows.

While the Sopranos cast weren’t averse to recasting sportswear as something to wear while kneecapping people, I’m not sure they ever stretched to Reeboks. That’s a good thing, because it means Nige from Oi Polloi was able to revisit his younger days with this regeneration of the NPC UK II.

When attending a meet and greet last month, I stood next to Nigel as he explained why they were such an interesting trainer. He talked about how it was more important not to mess with a classic, and how they instead concentrated on making them substantial, via the best leather they could find and a heavier weight to them. Let’s face it, you’re not going to take to centre court in them are you?

Anyway, true to form, Oi Polloi took to the streets of the Reebok birthplace in Bolton to take pictures of them. Utilising the magpie eye of Alex Hulsey (of Catch Me Daddy fame, google it) they’ve managed to capture something few others would manage.

And that’s why I like them.

Get them before you can’t. Limited and at £75 they’re not really the cash in they could be. So think on.



Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-02 Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-04 Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-03 Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-02 Reebok_Oi_Polloi_NPC_UK_II-01 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-03 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-02 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-01 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-01 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-03 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-02 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-01 Reebok-Oi-Polloi-Photoshoot-03

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.


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  3. Claude LeBoulderhead

    They’re Anatomica sweat pants Youngkyu Ahn.

  4. Youngkyu Ahn

    Hello I wanna know what sweat pants that lad wear in those pics? Can you let me know the name of the brand and where can I get those? Cheers x

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