Reebok Classics x Rig Out – The Start of Something

Those Rig Out lads have come a long way. Both figuratively and literally. Their quest for the best locations takes them all over the globe but while they’re clocking up more Air Miles than Buzz Aldrin the link to home remains in this latest piece of work with Reebok. The fact both they and the pioneering sportswear brand call Bolton home is no coincidence.

The directional mastery is from Bolton-born native New Yorker Antony Crook, while his oppo Glenn Kitson’s signature styling is evident in a sporty but nice ensemble worn by Mancunian Kyle Rowe. The much-vaunted Ventilators are the centrepiece. Indeed the message could well be a metaphor for Reebok itself. Born and built in Bolton, but blossomed in Brooklyn, and places like it.

Slick and cinematic, it’s New York meets North West. It’s a slice of stateside life through the eyes of an ambitious lad who wants something more from life. It was launched today to support the 3rd release of the original Reebok Ventilator, which quite apart from anything else is a really, really nice pair of trainers. In the spirit of the film, Reebok will also be rewarding a young creative with the opportunity to fulfill their own dreams.

Give it a watch, be inspired, then get the trainers.

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