Reebok Workout Low

Everyone seems to think tennis shoes are going to be big this year. Here at Proper we’re not bothered about following trends. Well, not much anyway.

That said, if the brands we admire are bringing out shoes we admire, we’re not going to ignore them. We’re contrary, but not to the point where we’ll ignore a cool pair of trainers.

The cool trainers in question are Reebok Workout Low. Given fresh impetus from the Palace Skateboards collab, these are a well priced, honest-to-goodness pair of retro tennis flavoured pumps. Albeit with a name like Workout which suggests overtones of ‘Keep Fit’. Is that still a thing or has everyone got into running now? Who cares.

People seem to think Reebok Classics are for burglars, partly because it is/was. But if dressing like a housebreaker is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right. Dressing like a bit of a rum ‘un has never not been cool has it?

That’s the look for 2014 then, tennis playing, retro running, rum bugger. You heard it here first.

Get some at foot asylum. Please pay for them though.

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