Road Wallah, Dougie Wallace



If you’ve ever been to India then you’ll probably know that travelling in an old school, black and yellow Padmini taxis is an unforgettable experience all of it’s own. In Mumbai where they’re known as ‘Kaali-Peelis’ they’ve pretty much disappeared of late due to recent anti-pollution legislation though not before leading street photographer Dougie Wallace spent four years snapping these Bombay bad boys in action. These eye-catching cabs are an interesting enough subject matter for a book on their own but add to that the Indian public and you’ve got yourself an overpowering sensory experience not that dissimilar to hanging out at a Mumbai taxi-rank itself (apart from all the mad noises and smells).

This intoxicating and enchanting taxi-door sized tome is called ‘Road Wallah’ and follows on from Dougie’s other candid publications Stags, Hens & Bunnies and Shoreditch Wildlife. So if you can’t afford a trip to somewhere exotic this year then this get one of your mates to drive you round in the back of their car at high speed whilst you have a look at this book. Not forgetting to a carton of butter chicken on your knee, the heating on full whack, the local Bollywood station turned right up to 11 and a couple of joss sticks on the go for added authenticity.

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010DW Bombay Cabbies Dewi


006DW Bombay Cabbies Dewi






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