RoToTo Pioneer Japanese Sock Production

A mysterious event led to one Japanese prefecture’s status as the Gold Standard of sock production.

RoToTo is a Japanese brand that started out with sole attention on socks. Since then they’ve furthered their vision to include hats and scarves. It’s safe to say that in any situation where comfort and heat are subjects, RoToTo is an expert. 

In 1910, an elusive man from the Nara prefecture of Japan imported an industrial sock knitting machine and set it up in the small village of Koryocho. The area has been an important textile hub since the 17th century, although, at the time of the elusive man’s arrival, the industry had been declining. He catalysed renewed interest in weaving, and soon, the area became known throughout Japan for the quality of its socks. RoToTo is an extension of this, with 100 years of sock knowledge under its belt. 

In the modern-day, RoToTo crafts all its wears from a selection of organic cottons, delicate merino wools, and recycled fabrics. The brand also utilises its waste materials, crafting sock wrapping bands out of offcuts, and donating large portions of fabric to local textile houses that make cushions for local benches and community hubs like train stations and post offices. 

Yards Store’s selection of RoToTo’s finest socks is extensive, and while they aren’t cheap, they will keep you cosier than a belly full of ramen and two shots of sake.

RoToTo at Yards Store.

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