Rumpl Puffy Blankets – For when you’re feeling down

If the other day was Blue Monday, what’s today? Weary Wednesday? Weepy Wednesday? It really is a challenging segment of the year at the best of times, but with all the COVID misery it really is a time we all need to look after ourselves, and each other.

To that end, we’ve been exploring ways in which to comfort ourselves as we carefully power through this pandemic. This voyage of hygge discovery has taken in warm drinks, snug socks, lights that make you not want to cry as much as you were, and finally this… the Rumpl Puffy Blanket. The fact its feather-filled comfy compartments enable us to make a pun about ‘feeling down’ is only a small part of the attraction. They’ve also got an alternative filling available which might appeal to those who don’t want to feel tight on animals.

Rumpl began when the founders faced the challenge of a broken down van in an isolated location. Rather than walk into town to find a solution, they instead grabbed some whiskey, wrapped themselves in sleeping bags and waited patiently for help to arrive. Faced with nothing but waiting to do, they realised the humble appeal of the sleeping bag, and concluded that they’re so much more comfortable than conventional home bedding. Following that line of thinking, when they eventually returned to home in San Francisco, they borrowed a sewing machine and made their first ‘sleeping bag blanket’.

Encouraged by what they’d managed to achieve, they realised they were onto something. A kickstarter was established and became a runaway success and the unlikely beginnings of Rumpl were set.

With an eye on protecting the future of the planet, Rumpl have resolved to only use post-consumer waste to manufacture their products. This sees more than 5m plastic bottles somehow repurposed into their products.

Rumpl hits that sweet spot between function and form, with fashion being an unlikely third wheel. Their designs strike a chord with everyone in the office but due to the restrictions, only I have been lucky enough to sit here wrapped in my Rumpl blanket. I look both smug and snug.

Check them out anyway. Their website can be found here.

I had pizza for tea.

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