S.E.H. Kelly – Blue linen reversible jacket


The love affair with S.E.H. Kelly continues as they’ve only gone and made one of my favourite things in the world, a reversible jacket. Maybe it’s because they remind me of turning my coat inside out whilst being chased whilst apple sapping as a kid  or it could be the 2-for-1 value deal that really appeals to me. Either way being able to change coats without having to go home still provides me with a genuine thrill. As with all SEH Kelly stuff it’s beautifully made and looks like the kind of thing a French antique furniture restorer would wear whilst nipping out for a lunch-time pastis. In effect this is two coats stitched to one another with a mid-blue fabric on one side (with a chest pocket) and a pale blue one on the t’other  side(with two large pockets) and both having handy concealed side seam pockets. A double good jacket, as my mate Shaun would say.





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