S.E.H. Kelly – The Gates of Woolhalla


Our love of the superb and superior garms created by S.E.H. Kelly are pretty well documented on here and I could happily enthuse about their latest output of wonderful woolen wares but I’m not going to. I’m going to let the my mate Paul who runs tings down at S.E.H.’s wonderful workshop in Shoreditch and has a wonderful turn of phrase when it comes to wool….

“The rest of the time we call it the workshop, but from November to the end of the year, our cold and dark box of brick we call “Woolhalla”. For it is here, in our four-square metres, that we present a panoply of things with wool as their main ingredient.

There is the new SB2 jacket and proper trouser made with a cloth from a mill on an island in the Inner Hebrides — woven using the yarn of local Hebridean sheep both young and brown, and not so young and going a graceful shade of grey.

There’s the peacoat, too, which is back for a third year, which uses one of three different “Tetris” tweeds from a father-son mill in County Donegal in Ireland. Likewise, the diamond-weave blankets — whose pattern is an old ancestral abstract take on the hills behind the family weaving shed. Cloth from County Donegal also appears, this time with some hand-shaped brown deerskin, on our new gloves, which made in the grand old crucible of British glove-making in south-west England.

There’s a bunch of new knitted goods, too — all of them hand-framed, hand-linked, and fully-fashioned using stratocumulus-soft lambswool. There’s the ten-ply tuck-stitch crewneck number — which is stupidly thick — as well as a lighter-weight three-ply crewneck, and some tuck-stitch cardigans and two-sided tuck-stitch scarves.”

See what I mean? Woolhalla. Brilliant. Merry Christmas Paul.











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