Sandqvist: 10th Anniversary Edition Roald


To celebrate their forthcoming 10th anniversary our favourite Scando bagsmiths Sandqvist have gone and created a limited edition of their superb Roald backpack, a perfect sized piece of kit named rather fittingly in honour of well good Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen. This particularly striking version of one of Sandqvist’s most popular bags comes in a pattern heavily inspired by the snowy Nordic landscape and its jaw-droppingly beautiful scenery in all it’s leather strapped, cotton lined and padded bottom glory. For my money it looks like exactly the sort of thing that Keith Haring would take to go tagging subways with or maybe even on a picnic with his bezzie Jean Michel Basquiat (in heaven). So just be careful if you leave yours lying around in Tate Modern or IKEA as it may well get ‘tidied away’.


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