Satta AW18 at Oi Polloi

Satta translates to ‘existence’ or ‘being’ in Sanskrit. This is a company who clearly value their sustainable, forward thinking approach within an industry that is so often criticised for its effects on the natural world. Oh, and they also make really fucking nice clothes.

Starting out of his Brixton Studio, founder and designer Joe Lauder took inspiration from his previous trades as a landscaper and woodworker, launching the first clothing range in 2014. The designs that followed focused on aspects of utility, simplicity and comfort. Taking influence from classic workwear and military inspired designs and boasting eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton, Satta gets the approval of the tree-huggers, endangered species, Sir David Attenborough, Doctor Who, Frodo Baggins… I think I’ve gone off topic. Anyway, it’s proper woodland inspired stuff; the AW18 collection features an earthier palette than a sniper’s lunchbox.

Shop the AW18 collection at Oi Polloi, here.

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