Saucony Azura ST x Bleu De Paname

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Seeing these Aura ST that french brand Bleu De Paname have collaborated on with Saucony has reminded me of a chat I had with Thomas from BDP in Paris about 10 years ago. We were having a good laugh about how at the time everyone was going crazy over ‘shoes’ rather than trainers and that we’d both put our considerable trainer collections on ice until sneakers were back in vogue. So I guess this is a clear signal that Tom has dug his trainers out and got back to some serious sport shoe business. On a strong 90s tip the all American looking Azura ST features additional BDP input such as a denim finish on the logo panelling alongside some suave yet subtle branding on the mudguard and tongue.

Buy a pair of Saucony Azura ST x Blue De Paname here.


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