Saucony Grid 8000 CL Shrimp Trainer Cream

Once in a while I like to indulge my feminine side.

No, I’m not a weekend cross-dresser (anymore), and I stopped adorning my ear with jewellery a long time ago. You can throw whatever archaic gender-specific insult you like at me, I’m in touch with my inner female. I make cakes sometimes. Ok, I made cakes once. Badly.

Rather than do things your Dad says only girls should do, I instead sometimes throw on a bit of pink, and occasionally I use a dab of moisturiser. It’s 2016.

And today, when I saw these my initial “Nah, pink” thoughts were quickly replaced with a swift “So what!”

These Saucony Grid 8000 SL take inspiration from the shrimp, though only (I think) in colour. That explains the pink hue. Look, if you’re not confident enough to pull them off yourself, get them for your girlfriend to do the washing up in. Or maybe she’ll make some cakes while wearing jewellery in her ears.

Available now from Infinities.

saucony-grid-8000-cl-shrimp-trainer-cream-p110590-68699_image saucony-grid-8000-cl-shrimp-trainer-cream-p110590-68700_image saucony-grid-8000-cl-shrimp-trainer-cream-p110590-68701_image saucony-grid-8000-cl-shrimp-trainer-cream-p110590-68702_image saucony-grid-8000-cl-shrimp-trainer-cream-p110590-68703_image

I had pizza for tea.

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