Saucony Grid 9000 at Triads


These trainers from Saucony look like something that George Jetson would wear to play Squash. That’s a good thing, obviously…

American trainer floggers Saucony have been having a good go of late. Over the past two years or so, they’ve been using their signature brand of big, massive trainers to convert even the most avid-of-avid turbo-casuals away from trainers that were designed for tennis and the like, to trainers that look like they were made for people with a bit of a bad back. Again, all complimentary.

Their shoes, which come with sexy stripper names like ‘Shadow’ and ‘Jazz’, are going from strength-to-strength and are, invariably, getting more massive and more mental. The Grid 9000, one of Saucony’s more elaborate Jetsonesque designs, is now available at Triads in an array of subdued colourways. The sole is equipped with Saucony’s GRID technology, which the brand describe as ‘a woven configuration of Hytrel™ filaments which provide superior cushioning and stability by centring the heel when impacting the floor’, which we imagine means they’re dead, dead comfy, or something. They’ve also got one of those dead nice  branded tongue-pulls that are all the rage of late and something called a ‘side split tongue detail’, which sounds a bit serial-killery but is intriguing nevertheless.

Court shoes are great. We all like Björn Borg loads still. Get some mad futuristic trainers as well though, or we can’t be your mate.


Saucony GRID 9000 at Triads

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