Saucony Originals | Gold Rush Shadow 5000s

I’m one of Saucony’s biggest fans. No – scrap that – I am their biggest fan. They’re a brand that never disappoints, a brand that delivers again and again, and a brand that doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas any time soon, which is nice.

Their latest release, The Gold Rush Shadow 5000s, take inspiration from the Northern California gold fever of 1849 (Google it, it’s pretty mad). The upper highlights include premium Wolverine silkee suede, a soft open mesh and metallic gold accents. The sock liner features an old-fashioned gold map and the hidden “X” (marks the spot) detailing on the tongue.

They’re available now from the Saucony website. Get them and then tell your mates.

Tayler Willson

Absolutely well into house plants.

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