Scarves by The League Extraordinaire


Since I grew some semblance of facial hair I’ve had a love/hate relationship with scarves. I love them, but in general they hate me. I get itchy, you see. And yet I’ve got a large number of them I try and wear every year. And just in time to make this complication relationship much worse, a reader called Jack Uney sent my head west with an email pointing me in the direction of these. I’m not sure what the story behind them is exactly, but they’re Dutch, and the cloggies know their soccerball don’t they?

As far as I can make out, design type people with half a clue about making things look nice have decided to make an item that’s usually horrible a fair bit nicer. Football scarves have suffered in recent years with the advent of the half-half phenomenon. I’m not even getting into it, except to say they’re a symptom of the modern game and how clubs go after day trippers. The culture of regular matchgoing fans has suffered. Then again, I’m not arsed because I follow a team about a million divisions below the domain of half-half divs. I’ve gone off-piste. Sorry. These scarves are nice, the perfect antidote to Jose vs Pep scarves. Oh and there are only 30 of each one.

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