SCdM x HUMMEL Tracksuit

Our friends at MUNDIAL have got together with their friends at Hummel to create a tracksuit for your weekend. It’s for getting on the train to football on Saturday mornings with a damp station sandwich. It’s for going out on a Saturday night to show everyone you really like sportswear. It’s for trundling to the shop on a Sunday with crusty eyes and a billowing head, and coming back with nothing you actually like. It’s a very weekend tracksuit. It makes things better.

Hummel’s ability to amalgamate a deep understanding of football culture with pin sharp design is legendary amongst fans. It’s the iconic Danes in ’92. It’s Brøndby’s yellow and blue hues. It’s the smokes and blokes and tokes at Christiania. It’s the red of Charlton being back at the Valley. It’s Valladolid and Konyaspor and V-Varen Nagasaki. The chevrons. The hive. The heritage.

With Hummel’s proud chevrons running down both the upper arms of the pullover and the seam of the pants, the tracksuit is steeped in Hummel’s heritage whilst the fitted pants and mint green / navy blue colourway ensure it’s immediately noticeable to a contemporary crowd. The cursive Sporting Club de Mundial script on the back of the top is a nice touch too. Well nice, we reckon. Oh, and the pants have pockets. Pockets are good.

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Absolutely well into house plants.

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