Seasonal Outerwear Luxury from Stone Island

While there may be turmoil in the air, Christmas is also up there with it, in the air I mean. As such, the reliable festive spell calls for reliable outerwear you can trust. We’ve pulled together some Stone Island items we reckon would make your Festivus/Winterval much better.

Let’s start with this Naslan Light Watro Rain Camo Jacket, with comes with layers on its layers. Sheepskin lined, this will be metaphorically bomb proof as you negotiate the festive fixtures. Sure, it’s a considerable purchase but you get what you pay for.

Maybe you’ve come into some money, you’re more wealthy than the gen.pop or you just like to channel your reddies into something that’ll bring you practical perfection but also a measure of sheer joy. Regardless what your motivation is, this garment-dyed Shadow Project Poly Wool Diagonal 3L jacket will fit the bill like a muzzle on a duck.

Well known, and indeed celebrated for their heritage of experimenting with dyes, this Stone Island Cotton Fleece Sweatshirt is subjected to Off Dyed OVD Treatment and it’ll help you win any Christmas jumper contest.

In addition to this, there’s plenty more Stone Island ready to be adopted by you. For example this Brushed Cotton Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie comes in black and will provide you with the ideal extra layer when the wind whips up on your winter walk. If you’re not into the black version, then how about the same thing in grey marl or even navy?

I had pizza for tea.

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