SEBAGO Classic & Gibraltar



If you care to have a look at legendary New England shoesmith Sebago’s timeline then you’d probably see something along the lines of…

1946 – They make their first penny loafer inspired by just how ace native American Moccasins are.

1952 – Production rises to a cool 2,000 pairs a day.

‘The Sixties’ – They start being sold in Europe and making lovely loafers for ladies too.

1970 – The iconic Docksides make their first appearance and never go away.

1981 – Sebago Campsides make their debut and the brand becomes official supplier of yachting footwear to the US sailing team and unofficial supplier to everyone on Wall St.

1994 – After spenind ages trying to come up with a suitable name they launch their water-proof Drysides 

Today – The beautifully conker-coloured Classic and chunky commando-soled Gibraltar turn up in the shoe enthusiast’s shoe enthusiast’s store Oi Polloi.

Two seriously ace shoes both of which are ideal for still retaining an air of smartness whilst kicking huge piles of leaves about or successfully navigating slippy footpaths of an autumn morning.





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