SEEK Berlin 2nd/4th July




OK it’s so it’s totally crazy Berlin fashion time ja? If you’re in the bizz and over in the motherland then you proper NEED to get  yourself over to the SEEK trade-show. Look at that list of exhibitors above! Do you need any more persuading? OK check out the official info…



SEEK is a progressive menswear trade show in Berlin. Since setting up shop in 2009, we’ve presented our ever-growing audience with new labels, and re-introduced old brands to new customers. Our biannual shows are focused on modern and contemporary casual streetwear; urban clothes for independent minds.
We don’t do fashion, we’re not interested in trends. Instead our exhibitors care about timeless and qualitative design. They’re passionate about silhouettes, trouser hems, fabric combinations and seam allowances. For us, clothes are about attitude, they define our lifestyle.
We look towards pop culture for inspiration; we’re influenced by sub-cultures, books, youth movements, films and art. We read short blogs, as well as long-read newspaper articles, we buy vinyl as well as digital music – why shouldn’t we? SEEK’s aim is to both inspire and to be inspired.
SEEK blends in among Berlin’s avant-garde fashion week and more commercial trade shows as we offer brands and visitors a sophisticated and relaxed environment for both business and pleasure. Our exhibiting brands showcase a mixture of new attitudes and old traditions – but are always committed to authentic products in high quality, produced independently.

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