Séfr ‘Eric’ Jacket

Who’s your favourite? Clapton, Cantona or the Viking? When it comes to Erics I’m a big Cantona fan, all that mad stuff about seagulls, the turned up collar, kicking really annoying people’s heads in, truly marvellous stuff. Though it must be said that this new Eric on the block has made quite an impression on me. This Eric is not a famous person though, it’s a jumbo cord jacket made by super suave Swedish brand Séfr. It’s well documented how much love we have for corduroy here at Proper so I won’t ramble on about how good this is, suffice to say that this classy chocolate coloured jacket looks good enough to eat. Though I reckon those nice shiny buttons might give you heartburn.

Buy a Séfr Eric jacket from Oi Polloi here.


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