Separating Hugo from Boss

The embryo of Hugo Boss has split. There is now Hugo & Boss.

Over the past few years the relevance of Hugo Boss diminished. Even though they were still making stylish goods, the culture behind the brand was unclear. At the start of this year they rebranded, splitting things into two lines, Hugo & Boss. With this manoeuvre they redfined their target audience, reinvented their visual language and restablished their heritage. The move was unexpected but it might have just saved the brand.

The Hugo is a line is apparently aimed at ‘Gen Z’ which is something members of Gen Z are bound to find horrifically corny but the clothes stand up well. The design language speaks to the sort of style popular amongst youngers at the moment interpreting tracksuits, gilets and windbreakers all with loud but considered branding. The price point is accesible for a younger consumer too.

Boss is a mature take on similar garments with toned down and classy branding and a colour pallette that says espresso martini rather than WKD. The Boss collection is a brand for those who are a fan wardrobe fusion pioneered by Conor McGregor in which the lines between tailoring and sportswear are blurred.

Overall the brand seems to be heading in a much healthier direction. A massive marketing campaign depicting the modernised clothes has helped to create some new found hype which is the dictator of success in the sort of market they inhabit . The shoes are especially worth checking out if you’re fancying a sleek alternative to the usual three stripe or airmax.

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