Sergio Tacchini ‘Terrazzo’

Seeing as Wimbledon is in full swing it feels only fitting we feature something from new and exciting from Sergio Tacchini, one of the key brands responsible for us us all adopting the tennis look back in the early 1980s. It’s a look that still resonates today with sportswear now being synonymous with streetwear and the best dressed kids on the block. For AW18 and on sale this month Sergio Tacchini have resurrected their Terrazzo line from the 1990s a collection designed with plenty of oversize fits and geometric shapes on display. The being derived from ‘Venetian Terrazzo’ a floor tile made from marble chip and coloured stone which has been incorporated into a¬†microprint featured across the styles. Dating back to Ancient Greece and Imperial Rome, the textures from the tile have been reworked to create this eye-catching pattern alongside diagonal cuts of red, white and blue colour blocking.


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