Seven from SEVEN – Japanese Streetwear

What’s this? This post looks nicer than usual. Have Proper decided to up their game on here? You betcha.

Daiwa Tech Mil Pocket T-Shirt White

Starting off with a basic yet staple tee, a common theme with Japanese streetwear. This tee can be worn standalone with a strong baggy fit or layered with a just as baggier overshirt or jacket. Coming from a brand with humble origins in Japan in the 1950’s, manufacturing reels for fishermen.

Nanamica Reversible Down Cardigan Khaki Beige

Neat, clean and practical cardigan – we don’t have to complicate things. A good layering piece for the forecasted ‘UK’s wettest summer since 1912’. With a brand that aims to balance fashion and functionality, this cardigan is a must have for the bipolar British weather.

Beams Plus Mil Smock Jacket Indigo

An oversized outer layer is a staple when it comes to the Japanese streetwear silhouette. Contrary to the fit, the design is kept simple – a Beams necessity.

Needles H.D. Fatigue Pant Olive

A pant style so well-liked that is introduced within every Needles collection – a wardrobe must-have. Japan’s main values when it comes to fashion boils down to comfort and practicality, so why not make it look good too.

Needles H.D Denim Pant Indigo

For a fancier day out but still want to keep easy – this pair is a NEED not a want.

Suicoke Moto-Run Mule Beige

Another requirement for the Japanese Streetwear aesthetic is a product that is easy to wear to get in and out. With a Suicoke Mule, all the boxes are ticked.

Mizuno Wave Rider 10 Premium Sneaker Quicksilver / Tradewinds / Snow White

A trainer is an essential in streetwear all over the world. Based in Osaka, Mizuno is a foundation when it comes to sportswear in Japan.

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