Shetland Woollen Co. at Working Class Heroes

If you’re in the market for a beautifully knitted, super soft woollen crewneck jumper then look no further than the Shetland Woollen Co.. And if you’re not in the market for some luxurious Shetland sweater action then what the hell is wrong with you? It’s winter, indulge yourself for christ’s sake. Our mates up at Working Class Heroes have been scouring the Northerly isles of Scotland to track down the ultimate in Christmas crewnecks this year and have really come up trumps. They’ve got a plethora of colourful sweaters from the Shetland Woollen Co. that just make you want to throw one on, grab a glass of port and sit down by the fire for some hardcore walnut cracking action. Christmas is here lads so lets all get ourselves a beautiful jumper yeah?

Shop the Shetland Woollen Co. collection at Working Class Heroes here.


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