Shoes of Summer; Eastland’s Fletcher 1955

So nice, aren’t they? I can see you now; you got that hair slicked back and those Wayfarers on, baby. Well, maybe not your hair slicked back, but I’ll probably see you wearing Wayfarers at some point and hopefully a pair of these.

Even though it snowed round here at weekend, warmer weather keeps threatening to happen. It will at some point, so get your summer footwear boxed off.

Our sunshine might be fleeting though so hopefully you’re going away at some point and getting some some real sun shining on your pasty white skin. Failing that, these shoes always look good with full-length shorts (aka ‘chinos’) as well as regular shorts.

The serious stuff? Well, they’re made using the original 1955 design that helped to make the Maine shoe manufacturers so well loved. They’ve got baseball stitching on the toe for extra Americanness and a proper smart crepe sole. I’ve got a twinge just looking at them.

If you’re due a new pair, get some at Oi Polloi, Hip et al. If they’re your first pair, go on and get some then don’t look back, no you can never look back. They’ll be there long after other people’s shoes of summer have gone.

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Buy some here.


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