Six of the Best – Backpacks for Summer

Been a few days since we trawled the web for nice things to share, but here we are again, this time focusing our lens on luggage. There was a time not too long ago when the average male was a bit self-conscious about their everyday carry. A ruck sack would be worn over one shoulder, both straps were for girls.

But as the male population has evolved, so too has their taste in bags. Here are six we’ve chosen, anyway.

Masterpiece Link Backpack Orange
Phwoar, look at this. It’s like something a Japanese Fireman would wear to scout camp. That’s it, nothing more to say.
Get one herenk

Patagonia Ultralight Black Hole Tote Pack
I’ve had an alternative colour version of this for about 4 years and it remains the first choice every day commuting bag. In truth, it looks better on the beach. If you can be arsed to go back through my instagram from about 3 years ago, you’ll see photographic evidence of this claim.
Fresh are your go-to guys for this

Kavu Mini Rope Sack
Ok, so we’ve already mentioned this lovely fucker elsewhere on these pages, but so what? Some people need telling twice. The colours of this are akin to the interior of a caravan circa 1982 and for that reason alone, I really want one.
Might get one for my holidays, from here

The North Face Mountain Day Pack
Well priced, attractive, technical-looking without costing the earth (literally, I’d imagine, this is TNF after all) this is a great one for your weekend using Wizzair. Are they still even going? You get the idea anyway.
Other budget airlines are available. This bag is at Wellgosh too btw.

Epperson Mountaineering Climb Pack
Find me a more attractive backpack and I’ll tell you you’ve failed, because simply put, you can’t. You can’t find a more attractive backpack than the ones Epperson make.
Fresh in Turin have them here

Adsum Cargo Tote
Totes are like the knowing older brother to the backpack. They’ve really come into their own since the supermarkets started charging for their carrier bags and this everyday essential will serve you well whether you’re enjoying a Balearic Isle or patrolling the Aldi aisle.
Oi Polloi have them

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