Six of the Best – Corduroy Trousers for Spring

Spring is a funny season. Here we are remarking on the nascent greenery popping up about the place and of course the long-awaited lighter evenings, when suddenly someone pipes up “Look, it’s snowing outside”. And it is.

Much as we hate to constantly refer to the weather as a means to talk up the virtues of clothing, it’s kind of unavoidable, so no apologies here. It’s spring and your Humble Narrator is wearing corduroy trousers and feeling relatively smug at this choice, especially in view of the flakey downpour we’re now experiencing.

Buoyed by this, I thought I’d throw together a little list of luxurious yet rugged trousers in the corduroy mould, all available from our friends at Clutch Cafe.

Belafonte Ragtime Clothing Hi Back Corduroy Trousers Black
Made in Japan, these classic 1930s style work trousers are cut with a high rise and a classic straight fit throughout. These Hi Back Trousers from the Belafonte brand boast a button front, inseam pockets and two rear pockets with button closure while suspender buttons & cinch back are added to aid fit. 
Get them here

Soundman Clarke Trousers Corduroy Camel
As with most Soundman garments these are based on vintage British Royal Army Officer Trousers. Cut from heavy cord in Japan, these are made to last. Will people be reprising clothing from today in a few generations, as they are here?
Get them here

Allevol Brunel Brisbane Moss Corduroy Mustard
Named after the British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, this ‘Brunel’ trouser is inspired by workwear trousers of the late 1950s. And look at that colour. Mustard? Maybe. Milkshake of a banana variety? Possibly.
Get a pair if you dare, here

Pherrow’s PTTP2 Pleated Corduroy Trousers Navy
Cut from 100% cotton corduroy in Japan, these double front pleated trousers are considered and bring an air of sophistication to your coffee mornings or knitting circles.
Get a pair here

KUON Fanage Corduroy Belted Trousers Marine Blue
Challenging the existing notion of vintage clothing, KUON revitalizes traditional Japanese boro and re-purposes these rich materials and fabrics for the modern-day. Made in Japan.
Get a pair here

Jelado Vannes Corduroy Trousers Caramel
The Vannes Trousers take inspiration from 1940’s European workwear and come in a sweet hue named Caramel. All together now… Sweeeeet Caramel…. dum dum dum. Sorry.
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