Six of the Best – Fruity T-Shirts

Five a day is the mantra, but what about 6 a week? Fruit is an important source of all of those nutrients and stuff that keep us alive, and lately we’ve seen loads of fruit applied nicely to t-shirts. Or should that be ‘apple-ied’?

Check out our selection anyway.

You can always rely on Wellgosh to bring a wealth of good health in t-shirt form. This Nike number surrounds the swoosh with juice. Try saying that when you’ve had too much punch.
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Carhartt WIP
Say what you like about Carhartt but their t-shirt game is the strongest out there, certainly amongst the established brands. Their focus on fast food has given way to a fresh take on fruit and it’s more than welcome.
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Sporty and Rich
Health is wealth, state Sporty & Rich. Not money, then? Can’t we have a bit of both? Probably taking it a bit literally tbf. It’s a nice design anyway. Looks like a record label logo, if the record label is founded in the reception of an accident and emergency department. Which sounds like something someone Sporty and Rich would do.
End have these

Carhartt WIP again
Those guys sure do love a juicy design. This one comes in a couple of colours, but this is our fave. Sorry to include them twice, but it’s their fault for doing two tees we liked.
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Butter Goods
Another apple? Why not. It’s good for your core. Sorry that was a bad joke.
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Service Works
Not a brand we’re over-familiar with but it’s very much up our street. Reminiscent of a 1970s exercise book, or maybe some sort of infomercial to be watched on a large television on wheels in a classroom full of nits and bowl hair cuts.
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