Six of the Best – Lightweight Jackets for Summer

You know the dance. It’s British summer but it’s still going to absolutely shart it down at some point. Maybe you’ll welcome the deluge as a relief from the heat, or maybe you’ll be secretly chuffed that your lightweight jacket will now come into its own, repelling rain and attracting admiring glances from onlookers. There’s something quintessentially British about a lightweight hooded jacket and shorts. We’ve chosen some, look.

The Swedish climbing mouse has remained on our radar ever since we were invited over to see them in 2016. They make great stuff and it’s now a bit more affordable, yet still great quality.
Swipe one from the Swedes here

Well priced and well made. You know where you are with the brand named after its founder, Mike Graham.
Get from Yards, here

Has to be in here, really. Beloved of everyone from the wall painting community to the outdoor pursuits mob, and for good reason.
Urban Industry have them here

Taken for granted, slept on, ignored, whatever. It’s criminal really, but Patagonia do this sort of thing as well as anyone.
Get yours here

Nike ACG
Never ones to shy away from making a statement with colour, ACG returns with several shades of purple, because why the hell not.
Get from Wellgosh here

Left Hand
The rebirth of this cult Italian sportswear has been an understated one, focused on getting the product right and letting that speak for itself. If this jacket could speak, it’d do so with an Italian accent, assured, reliable and attractive.
Another one available from Wellgosh, this.

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