Six of the Best – New Year, New Shoes

Ok, nobody say Happy New Year. It’s over, done. We’re in 2023. Stop referring to ‘last year’ as if it’s 2021. It’s not. Last year was more recent. Get on with it. Move forward. In fact, put your best foot forward. To assist you in this we’ve had a quick scout about our favourite stores and found some footwear food for thought as we begin to make our way through another year of madness.

Merrell Moab Speed GORE-TEX
Though Merrell is a monster of a brand, they’re criminally under-rated as far as I’m concerned and if you disagree I’ll happily go toe to toe with you on an industrial wasteground. I’ll be the one in the smart Gore-Tex trainers.
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New Balance Rainier Boots
The continued rise in prominence of New Balance in recent years means you can barely escape them no matter where you go. Fine with that though, us. Fine. These slightly futuristic Rainier boots have a luxury look that’d make them work while flouncing around in the name of fashion in Paris, yet be just as suitable to walking through a local park in the dead of morning with a canine companion.
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New Balance 2002 L’tan/wht Rcc
Oh look, New Balance again. I don’t make the rules.
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Reebok Club C Revenge Vintage
Meanwhile, Reebok continue to do their full-bodied racquet sports steez like no other. The Club C will always be a reliable friend to your feet.
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Autry Medalist Low
Should you require something a little unexpected as you tread into 2023 with trepidation, Autry is a decent bet. These look like if the aforementioned Reebok and their previous owners adidas had a little fling while preparing for some kind of clay court escapades.
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New Balance 9060 Truffle
This post should have been called New Year, New Balance, in hindsight. These angular 9060 boast a look that puts us in mind of transformers.
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