Six of the Best – Season-defining outerwear

We’re at what the pundits call the business end of the football season and there are certain boozy away fixtures for which a jacket may even be optional for some people. They’re amateurs though, as if anyone goes to football jacketless. Crazy talk. Even if the sun is baking all before it, it’s still football and therefore it’s still jacket weather in one way or another. We’re not endorsing huge down-filled puffers in summer obviously, but a nice lightweight option is fine. Even if it leaves you slightly clammy, we must suffer for our art.

Here are six we’ve chosen from Terraces to see you through the end of season run-in.

C.P. Company KAN-D Hooded Jacket in Cobblestone
If ever there were a statement to be made, this is the jacket in which to do it. It’s both lightweight yet packs a punch pound for pound. It’ll protect you from most weather scenarios and ensure you stand out when it’s time to be counted.
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Armor Lux Fisherman Jacket in Lavender
Coming in a colour that’s guaranteed to get you noticed, this Armor Lux Fisherman Jacket will set you apart from the usual colours that dominate the stands, that is unless you’re watching Fiorentina or some other purpley club.
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Barbour International Orbit Popover Overshirt in Amber
Textbook end of season clobber, this. No more words required.
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Belstaff Ramp Jacket in Neon Yellow
Did we just refer to something else as textbook end of season clobber? Well, repeat to fade when looking at this. Bang on trend, colour wise too. This will see you through those festivals you attend despite saying never again two years running.
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Berghaus Wind Smock in Capuccino
Warm and wintry in its hues, yet light and lovely for spring and summer, this piece from Berghaus is your friend when the wind whips up.
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Columbia Santa Ana Anorak in Purple Lotus and Aqua
Few brands are delivering quality at the right price as well as Columbia are. This is a good options if your pockets are shallow and you still want to make a favourable impression.
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