Six of the Best – Specs for the Sunshine

No apologies for us coming back to weather-based themes here. It’s a lovely time of year here in the UK and we’re pleased to see a bit more of the sun.

With it though comes the need to be a bit careful. Not only should you avoid basking in its glory for too long but you also need to protect your eyes from turning inside out.

Here’s a short run-down of some shades, specs or as those stateside needlessly call them – eyeglasses.

Ray-Ban Wayfayrer
The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, we reckon. You can scroll on from this point to compare and contrast but we’re already pinning our hopes on a pair of these for summer.
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Le Specs Hey Macarena
If you can get beyond the curiously called ‘Hey Macarena’ bit, then these efforts from Le Specs are a very affordable yet luxurious-looking option.
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Oliver Peoples Lachman
The saying goes you get what you pay for. At £385 these better be good. We have it on good authority from people who know about this sort of thing that they definitely are.
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Oakley Hstn Sunglasses
Hot on the heels of their collab with Palace, Oakley are pretty much the brand of the moment when it comes to sunnies. That’s what we call sunglasses. Sunnies. We don’t really.
Anyway, get them here

Ray-Ran Clubmaster
Sure it’s a second inclusion for Ray-Ban, but there’s a reason they’re successful. This iconic pair of spectacles has to be in any sunglasses list.
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Oakley Radar Ev Path Sunglasses
Yeah, now we’re talking. None of this Steve McQueen style gear. No references to him who wrote that book, what’s his name, Hunter S. Thompson… none of the usual references when it comes to sunglasses. These are from the future. Except the future is right now.
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