Six of the Best – Weekend Windbreakers

Whether you’re the traditional Proper reader and you spend your weekends perched on a crumbling terrace eating over-heated, over-expensive pies while watching over-paid lummoxes lumber about and limber up, or… you’re a more refined, modern man with dreams of publishing poetry and living at one with nature, the one thing that unites us all is the requirement of a good, solid windbreaker.

That bloated intro whetted your appetite for more? Yes? Good. Scroll on for six of the best windbreakers we could find on our scroll through the cyber shopping centre this morning.

Snow Peak Men’s Light Mountain Cloth Parka
Sky blue? Baby blue? Light blue? Who cares, it’s a nice shade that puts us in mind of 1970s nurses, and not in a Carry On way. Imagine that though, Carry Up the Snow Peak. Sorry, I’m getting carried away. This is a solid overhead jacket by a brand that knows a lot about such stuff.
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Gramicci Nylon Flight Jacket
Windbreaker? We think so. Those chest pockets add intrigue while the packaway hood gives it utility. Those windy days aren’t always good for having a hood flapping about.
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I mean, get two if you want, I’m not gonna stop you. You do you.

Cotopaxi TCA Windbreaker Jacket
Multicoloured and multifunctional, Cotopaxi has made its name in certain sections of the UK in the last few years. For starters it’s a genuine outdoor brand.
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Berghaus Wind Smock
It’s always surprising when gear enthusiasts talk of outdoor brands that Berghaus doesn’t get a huge shout. Maybe the fact it’s never broken out of Europe in a meaningful way might be behind it. Berghaus have forgotten more about outerwear than some of the contemporary brands could ever know.
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Columbia Challenger Windbreaker
A huge monster of a brand in the U.S, the Portland natives somehow manage to knock out very good, aesthetically pleasing outerwear like this, for a price that’s kind on the wallet.
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Fjallraven Vardag Anorak Mustard
That central pocket logo is what makes this. Kind of vintage, quintessentially Swedish and guaranteed (at least by us) to make you look effortlessly cool while traversing the terraces or fumbling across fells.
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