Size? Wize up suckers!

Psst… keep it to yourself but I think I’ve just stumbled upon the Nike equivalent of Narnia. Though I’ve not encountered any Turkish Delight or Messianic lions yet I have come across pretty much everything I could ever hope to find about the latest and up and coming Nike releases. I found it whilst looking around the back of the Size? site one day and accidentally fell head-first into this magical Swoosh-ridden land known as Wize? Where videos of Tokis, Blazers and Air-Force ones roam lace-to-lace alongside the entire ACG re-issue collection as a pride of vintage Tailwinds in every colour way imaginable looked on majestically. There are also interviews with some of the staff/elves from the Size? world, people with crazy names like Gooey Wong and Brandon Marino, telling us all about themselves and witch Nike models they’re currently fauning over. OK, enough with the CS Lewis metaphors, if you take Nike releases and re-issues as seriously as we do, you really need to get this site bookmarked right now.

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