Size? x Staple Design x New Balance 577 ‘Black Pigeon’

In the beginning there were three pigeons; one grey, one white and one black in colour. When they were ready, the grey and white pigeons left the roost on their journey to explore their surroundings, the city of New York and the challenges it would bring. The Black Pigeon, however, was the outcast of the family. Kicked out of the nest for being too down-low and dirty he decided to travel the world, setting his mind on eventually meeting up with his elder siblings in The Big Apple. But on his quest, the Black Pigeon became lost. After a long flight, the youngest of the three pigeon brothers set himself down, only he wasn’t in New York; this was London. 

We’re not sure just what substances this collaborative threesome have been smoking but when it throws up as nice a looking shoe as the ‘Black Pigeon’ we’d quick like a puff on it too. Puff, pph. As part of the third meeting of minds between Staple Design and New Balance, our mates Size? have got in on the act with the releases of the aforementioned avian titled 577. Celebrating 30 years of manufacturing at New Balance’s UK factory in Flimby this sturdy 577 utilises a mixture of hand-picked premium materials throughout. With the ‘Black Pigeon’ toughened up on his travels, the shoe features a heavy-duty construction with a honeycombed Ripstop Nylon toe-box and robust leather panelled upper. Not forgetting the creature comforts, a soft pink felt lines the inner and adds extra warmth. So come on everyone “ (Black) Pigeons in flight I wanna see you tonight, pidge-pigeon, pidge I wanna see you tonight….” 

The size? x Staple Design x New Balance 577 ‘Black Pigeon’ will be available from size? and Reed Space on Saturday 17th November 2012.

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