Slowdownjoe : Good honest goods for Christmas!

Is there a worse crime than the un-imaginary Christmas gift? I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of the last minute Argos panic buy or giving up and giving book tokens to that hard to buy for person. Well cancel that Christmas Eve meltdown and take a look at this thoughtful, reasonably priced and unique list of great presents I’ve compiled, all of which are available from one of our favourite stores Slowdownjoe.

Superior Labor – Coin Purse

Simple and beautiful, this triangular leather coin purse is made inJapanand can be opened from either side with brass poppers. Why not fill it with two pound coins for a double whammy of ace gifts?



Antica Cartotenica – Vintage Pencils

Forget about jackets or motorbikes, vintage pencils are the way to go for 2013. Housed in a vintage card envelope each unique set of five random (un-chewed) pencils date from the early 1940s up to the late 1960s. Presents don’t get much cooler or original than this do they?




Pacific Furniture Service – Original Mug

This is ideal for drinking mulled wine out of yet still maintaining the look of a busy architect planning the next statement building to dominate an iconic sky-line. OK I’m getting really carried away; it’s just a really well made porcelain mug. They stack up together really nicely too if you want to buy loads of them.



Printed Image – Pen Knives Bandana

Acid House celebrates 25 years in 2013, don’t be left behind, get yourself a bandana in preparation for a year of misty eyed, smiley faced nostalgia. Or just use it for keeping yourself clean on picnics.




Baxter of California – Vitamin E-D-A Cleansing Bar

If it’s secret Santa time just get them a double pack of Lynx Africa shower gel, unless it’s someone you actually like in which case get them a three pack of Baxter glycerine bars that soften skin and contain Italian Lime & Pomegranate essence.




Prospector Co – Wormwood Absinthium Cream

Whilst we’re talking toiletries, how about some hand and body cream inspired by hallucinogenic French booze? Though you won’t be seeing green fairies after applying this hydrating and non-oily cream you will notice the hypnotically sweet subtle smell of absinthe mixed with marjoram, shea butter and cucumber extract.




Bookman Bike Light – Heavenly Blue

You can never have too many lights on a bike, well you can but you know what I mean. These are made inSweden, attach themselves to the saddle pole or handlebar with ease and have three modes of slow, steady and fast flashing. If I had a cat I’d buy on of these for each of its legs, turn all the lights out and have my own ‘cat rave’. I wouldn’t really.




Robert Herder – “Parmoulin” Knife

With its Austrian plum wood handle this ‘Parmoulin’ knife is based on a 19th century furrier’s knife. Its curved steel blade provides the perfect rocking notion for getting through hard cheeses with tough rinds like parmesan. It also comes with a bottle of wood care oil made from macadamia nuts and lemons. If Cheese is your Camelot then this is Excalibur.




Don Blackman – Self-Titled (Reissue)

Who remembers the Christmases of old, when we’d all sit around the record player with wide-eyed wonder as Granddad would put on another 80s P-Funk album for us all to enjoy? Relieve those bass-laden days with Don Blackman’s self-titled album.




Pijama – Tartan Blue/Red 15″ Macbook

PJs might be a welcome present but they’re not the most original are they? Well they are when you buy then for a computer! Keep your Macbook safe and warm this Chrimbo with a made in Milan, tartan Macbook case.


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