Sneakers The Trump Card Game

Sneakers The Trump Card Game

How many arguments have we all had over trainers? “Mine are well better than yours“, “you bought those in Wyndsors you bad Ted“, “naaah you can only get these off an old man in Tokyo who will only let you in his shop if you know the special handshake” and of course the old classic “they’re snides them.

Well finally we can all stop arguing about whats on our feet and take it to the trumps. Yes that right, finally there’s a trainer trump card game, where 54 iconic shoes have been categorised and scored by Pack, Technology, Extras & Rarity as well as containing some handy background info about pair. Sadly my 1980s adidas Commodores aren’t featured in there as they would wipe the floor with the lot of them.

Available from Thames & Hudson on the 16th of March.






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