Soak up the sun, sea and salt with the La Paz Paulino Seagrass Sweatshirt

Picture the scene. There’s you, crawling self-consciously out of the salty sea, water dripping into your eyes and down your face. You slick back your hair and realise if your hairline was any further back you’d end up combing your arse. But you’re at peace. You’re fine with it. Even the extra curves you developed during lockdown cannot trouble your self-esteem. You know why?

Well, the explanation is clear. La Paz, those smart Portuguese chaps have refined a classic beach-appropriate item and dropped it over at Fresh. This short sleeve sweatshirt looks suitable washed, like it’s already done a few months on the back of some bronze surfer called Brad. Except, it hasn’t. Brad has been nowhere near it. It’s fresh, just like the store you should buy it from.

You collapse dramatically onto your sunlounger, wipe your face then envelope yourself in this Paulino short sleeve sweat, appropriately coloured in seagrass and all is suddenly well with the world.

Get yours here.

I had pizza for tea.

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