Socks for Spring – Wigwam Cypress

I’m a sucker for expensive socks. But I’d argue they’re not expensive if they last for years. They’re actually a bargain. I’ve got half a dozen pairs of Wigwam Cypress to go with my various Anonymous Ism and other show off socks. But genuinely, the Wigwams seem to wash and wear the best. I’m honestly wearing some right now. Navy, for what it’s worth. They provide a slightly awkward contrast to the olive green trainers I’m wearing but nobody is looking apart from me. Anyway, where was I?

Wigwam socks. Just the name is cool isn’t it? These are ideal for spring in that they’ll keep you warm without leaving you reaching for the invisible trainer socks. And if you’re a proponent of the sandals and socks look, there is no other, apart from Wigwam to make this work. Sure, you might have to be Japanese/Ralph Lauren/a proto-Manc to pull that particular look off, but it’s strong. It’s definitely strong.

Anyway, I’m off before some ‘That’s not casual’ berk throttles me. Get these from Not Addicted and your life will improve by at least 32%. That’s my promise, that.

wigwam-cypress-socks-grey-562x674 wigwam-cypress-socks-light-blue1-562x674 wigwam-cypress-socks-navy-562x674 wigwam-cypress-socks-orange-562x674 wigwam-cypress-socks-purple-562x674

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