Solid Punk-Inspired Knitwear from Pleasures

Cardigans used to be a bit shit. They were never that cool, really – always a bit lame, like something your weird math-obsessed cousin with zero social skills would wear to family BBQs. But now, there’s this big cardigan revival, and with it, a huge assortment of cardigans in various colours, knits, and textures. It’s exciting. 

Well, the thing is, cardigans must have always been cool; it was just that I couldn’t see it. It’s a bit of a philosophical question, that one. Are clothes cool independent of being worn? What makes them a certain way? Maybe my weird cousin was super cool all along. 

If he ever wore a cardigan like this one from Pleasures, he was definitely in on something that I wasn’t. Pleasures take influence from Los Angeles’ punk and grunge scenes, and have compressed them into this heavy cardigan built with fluffy textures. It’s a durable cardigan that you could wear in a mosh pit or clambering over a wall with a bag of paint. It also doubles up for family occasions. Perfect. 

See the piece at John Anthony.

Pleasures at John Anthony. 

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