Some words on Eleven New York

In recent years the plethora of brands out there keen to give their take on the nice nuances of football culture has multiplied. There are loads of them now. In amongst the kitsch, the cool and downright daft there’s stuff that you just think “Yeah, that’s it”.

One such example is Eleven New York. There was a time when football in America attracted ridicule, but an increasing number of stateside soccer types genuinely ‘get it’ and combine their understanding of the culture with a fresh look at the game and its various facets. Eleven have taken elements of really nice, almost luxurious sportswear, mixed it with the type of gear you’d wear to do extreme yoga in and somehow kept it very much football. The socks in particular are a firm five-a-side favourite with me. They’re genuinely the best football socks I’ve ever had, and I’ve had plenty. Football clubs should embrace this aesthetic.

Check them out anyway.

I had pizza for tea.

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