Soulland ‘Sunny Nightmare’

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As I’m currently suffering from some weird lethargy-inducing illness I picked up in Berlin I’m being lazy and letting Working Class Heroes Wordsmith Joey’s drop some knowledge on latest arrival from Soulland at the suave Ulverston based store , take it away J…

new year, a new avenue for Soulland to drive streetwear down. Each season the Copenhagen-based menswear company push their designs, which draw influence from alternative lifestyles around the northern inland and coasts, to new lengths so to promote Scandinavian artisanship and contemporary craftsmanship. Founded in 2002, Soulland began as a home-based company where Silas Adler was printing his own imagery to garments, and in 2006 he partnered with Jacob Kampp Berliner to help elevate Soulland into the big leagues of street fashion.

The latest drop, and the first of 2018 is entitled “Sunny Nightmare”. A kind of homage to a crazy trip with a real bittersweet aftertaste. Soulland have described it as “the duality of psychosis and the journey from normal to insane” which sounds a bit much for a Monday to Wednesday job, but from Thirsty Thursday onward sounds a bit wicked.

Filled with strong graphics and enigmatic designs from the Soulland team, they strongly reference the early 70’s with vintage fonts and colours, such as a vintage baseball decal. There’s no better way to push fashion forwards than by taking inspiration from the past.

Another plus is that all of the t-shirts are made from a single jersey of 100% super soft cotton, hopefully to calm you during the stormiest of trips.

Shop the Sunny Nightmare collection at WCH here.


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