Soulland x 66°North SS18

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Scandinavia is the home of coats. It’s where nice coats are made and bad coats are binned. It’s where proper outerwear was born, and Iceland’s 66°North have been at the forefront the entire way.

Now, collaborating with Soulland for the third time, 66°North’s focus is no longer on winter apparel deeply rooted in their heritage of apparel for extreme conditions of Icelandic fishermen. For the first time, the focal point is a brighter outlook as it has been designed for warmer, spring conditions in Scandinavia.

Like previous capsule collaborations between Soulland and 66°North, there’s an emphasis on combining technicality and accessories with stylish finish. The outcome is a graceful capsule, which not only provides highly technical and functional garments, but an active lifestyle in a modern urban city.

The seasonal focus is new; the tradition of highly functional clothing for extreme and urban conditions – remains unchanged.

It’s all out on March 23rd. Cop it here:

Absolutely well into house plants.

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