Southampton 2017/18 home jersey by Under Armour

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It’s not often Southampton FC make it onto the hallowed turf of the Proper website but then they don’t often turn-out a strip as spot-on as this one. Even ‘yer da’ might like this one as it’s based on a shirt that he’ll remember from back-in-the-day (as he’d never say).

US-based soccer interlopers Under Armour have based this shirt on the famous Patrick one they had from 1980-85 and fair-play to them for that. This was a classic period for The Saints when they became the first club in the English top flight to establish a team completely made-up of players aged over 50. Kevin Keegan famously signed for them when he returned from his spell in the Bundesliga and joined Mike Channon, Alan Ball, Mick Mills and Chris Nichol. They also of course had David Armstrong turning-out for them, a player who was famously born aged 39 and continued playing until he was 75.

It’s a shame it doesn’t say Rank Xerox on the front instead of broadband-throttler’s Virgin Media but you can’t have everything. If nothing else it’s a massive improvement on last year’s shirt which looked as if Charlie Austin and co had stretched a Primark bra over their stripy shirts.

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