Re-Introducing… the Sprayway Torridon

When Sprayway told us they were bringing back the legendary Gore-Tex Torridon jacket in it’s OG late 80s/early 90s design and colourways it’s fair to say we became a tad giddy. Growing up in Manchester the Torridon was worn only by the toppest of the top lads back in the day, as despite being superb for hillwalking it was also pretty useful when standing in the rain at football matches, queuing up for illegal warehouse raves at midnight or getting up to all manner of mischief on mountain bikes in. So imagine just how chuffed we were when they asked us to do a Torridon shoot for them? Yeah, well chuffed. Inspired by their watery roots and their Mancunian origins we decided to get some shots and make a film up at Black Moss reservoir near Oldham which has Manchester looking on in the background and is also the name and location of the first ‘Manc Noir‘ novel by our mate David Nolan. After experiencing at least three seasons in one day on the shoot I can offer a personal guarantee that these jackets do their job incredibly well, whilst you can judge by the imagery on just how cool they are. Read more about the shoot in the new issue of Proper here and get yourself a Torridon from Sprayway here.


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