Spring/Summer looks from The Great Divide

I’m not sure whether the name of this shop is a reference to the North/South divisions in the UK but to be frank it’s places like this that make me jealous of our Southern cousins having such an ace place on their gold-plated doorsteps down there. Not only do they stock some of our favourite brands but they’ve also gone out of their way to put some looks together four outfits for our viewing pleasure, take it away chaps…

“One of the great joys of living in Britain is experiencing the seasons… all three of them – summer being conspicuously absent. Sometimes it’s best to be prepared for that rather unlikely scenario of the glorious Sun peeking its way through. At The Great Divide we pride ourselves on offering garments for ‘whatever -the-weather’. Handpicking the best of brands like a farmer hand picks the best seasonal produce – here we have a few looks that we’ve picked out.”

 Look 1.

This is the kinda look that girls go crazy for. Not crazy enough to suggest mental issues, but still stylish enough to pique interest. We call it David Ginola lux. The Beauty & Youth sweatshirt is an absolute corker.


Look 2.

The Amazonas shirt from Our Legacy is light enough to wear in the Amazon. For the man whose spirit is awakened by the scent of adventure. Paired with solid shoes by Mr. McNairy you can’t go too far wrong.


Look 3.

Soulland know wassup, and the Aux Commandes sweat is on the up, so much so that we might have to re-up. Scandinavian designers definitely have an eye, and Wood Wood are the daddies.


Look 4.

Comfort is of the essence with this outfit, but don’t let that be at the sacrifice of style. The Our Legacy chain shirt pairs perfectly with Soulland Bomholt pants.



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  1. Post looks great, thanks Neil. We’ll have lots more new stuff in over the next week or so. More from Our Legacy, Wood Wood, Ebbets Field Flannels, Saucony and a few more.

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