Stan Ray and Stanley launch a collaboration built to last

Towards the end of the summer I was lucky enough to road-test (ok, camp-test) some Stanley gear and I have to say I was impressed. Their Perfect-Brew Pour Over in particular had me punching the air with joy, while simultaneously being careful not to spill said brew. Our overnight wild camp saw us take rucksacks full of gear to actually put to the genuine test and Stanley scored highly, not just for their morale-boosting coffee implements but the rest of their equipment too.

Joining forces with Stan Ray isn’t just a meeting of names. Both brands have generations of history and authenticity behind them, and without that combined 157 years of hard work, neither would still be around today.

As the pandemic stirs from its awkward slumber, we will find ourselves embracing outdoor life again this winter, although that was probably here to stay anyway. With that in mind you should prep yourself with this ace capsule by the two Stans.

Available from the usual suspects, such as Goodhood, Peggs and Son, End, Urban Industry, Flatspot, Outsiders, Article, Working Class Heroes… you know the ones.

I had pizza for tea.

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